canticle [kan′ti kəl]
[ME < L canticulum, dim. of canticum, song < cantus: see CHANT]
1. a song or chant
2. a hymn whose words are taken from the Bible, used in certain church services

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  • Canticle — • Used in the English Catholic translation of the Bible as the equivalent of the Vulgate canticum in most, but not all, of the uses of that word; for where canticum is used for a sacred song Catholic Encyclopedia. Kevin Knight. 2006. Canticle… …   Catholic encyclopedia

  • Canticle — Can ti*cle, n.; pl. {Canticles}. [L. canticulum a little song, dim. of canticum song, fr. cantus a singing, fr. coner to sing. See {Chant}.] 1. A song; esp. a little song or hymn. [Obs.] Bacon. [1913 Webster] 2. pl. The Song of Songs or Song of… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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